1. Gorkhas are known worldwide for their bravery. simplicity, dedication,, and discipline. They have actively taken part in almost all the wars that India has fought in the past. Their main profession has been and is soldiering hence comparatively they retire at an early age from the Army. With little or no business skills and low employment opportunities, the Gorkhpe-servicemen and their dependents often live in penury after superannuation,

2. With a view to bringing all-round social upliftment and progress of the Gorkha community by uniting the people and their resources for the purpose, the Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha was established on 17Apr 1938 by the distinguished personalities of the Gorkha Community in Dehra Dun, One of the renowned founder members included Shri Mittersen, the legendary folk musician and lyricist. It is a non-political, homogenous Social Organisation with following aims :-
(a) Believing GOD to be omnipresent, to act truthfully according to religion:
(b) To render such pecuninry assistance towards orphans, destitutes and other needy members of the community as may be possible out of the fund collected for purposes;
(c) To collect and receive charitable grants or donations from the Government, various organisations or individuals for the prosecutions of object for which the Sabha has been formed;
(d) To frame and formulate such scheme and schemes from time to time as may be conducive to further promote the social and educttional welfare of the members of the community:
(e) To promote and encourage cultural and sports activities;
(f) To work for the children's education, welfare, economic and financial upliftment of Gorkha ex-servicemen, their destitute widows and dependents.

3. The elected members and the Executive body of the Sakha, Vice President and Junior Vice President from among its members, one of the Vice Presidents shall invariably be an ex-serviceman. General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural Secretary, Editor and Co-opted members are nominated by the President from amongst the members considering their aptitude and qualifications,

4. Management of the Sabha is entrusted to the executive committee which is comprised of Presidents of all Sakhas (branches), office bearers of centre's working committee, living ex-Presidents and co-opted members.

5. As on date there are 29 Sakhas (branches) spread out from Rishikesh-Raiwala in the East to Vikasnagar-Barotiwala in the West and Raipur-Jakhan in the North to Chandrabani Mohobewala in the South, Thus covering almost entire Dehradun.

6. As on date there are over one lakh Gorkhas living in Dehradun.

7. The Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha was coopted by All India Gorkha Ex-serviceman Welfare Association since 26 Nov 1950 which is recognised by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

8. Membership is accepted after having followed certain formalities. Life membership subscription being only Rs. 110/- Any person or institution can become a "Patron" of the Sabha by paying a one time subscription of Rs. 501/- and above. Similarly, any person or institution can become the "Chief Patron" by paying one time subscription of Rs.5,001/- and above.

9. At the time of its inception. the Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha started its welfare activities from make shift offices. There was a severe shortage of funds till 1987, as the alone source of income was less than Rs.5,000/- annually received as rent of two houses constructed in the office premises. On 9 Dec 1969 Field Marshal Sam Maneksaw and his lady wife visited the Sabha office and laid the Foundation Stone of a multipurpose hall which has been constructed named after him. Following his visit, the Sabha's recognition in the Indian Army and several Gorkha Regiments came forward for giving financiai assistance to the Sabha for the construction of the Hall and for a noble cause.

10. Itprovides facilities for imparting job oriented training like sewing, cutting, knitting, fabric painting etc. It also arranges private tuition free of cost to Xth and XII class students, computer training, hotel management and tourism. The Sabha also publishing a monthly news paper for the last 26years which provides information of value to the members of the Sabha. It also has amall library which maintains books/magazines of interest.

11. The Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha has been acknowledged in various Government forums not only tor its noble and philanthropic purpose of existence but also as a body which is keeping the Nepali culture alive in India.