With A View To Bringing All-Round Social Upliftment And Progress Of The Gorkha Community By Uniting The People And Their Resources For The Purpose, The Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha Was Established On 17Apr 1938 By The Distinguished Personalities Of The Gorkha Community In Dehra Dun, One Of The Renowned Founder Members Included Shri Mittersen, The Legendary Folk Musician And Lyricist. It Is A Non-Political, Homogenous Social Organisation With Following Aims :-
(A) Believing GOD To Be Omnipresent, To Act Truthfully According To Religion:
(B) To Render Such Pecuninry Assistance Towards Orphans, Destitutes And Other Needy Members Of The Community As May Be Possible Out Of The Fund Collected For Purposes;
(C) To Collect And Receive Charitable Grants Or Donations From The Government, Various Organisations Or Individuals For The Prosecutions Of Object For Which The Sabha Has Been Formed;
(D) To Frame And Formulate Such Scheme And Schemes From Time To Time As May Be Conducive To Further Promote The Social And Educttional Welfare Of The Members Of The Community:
(E) To Promote And Encourage Cultural And Sports Activities;
(F) To Work For The Children's Education, Welfare, Economic And Financial Upliftment Of Gorkha Ex-Servicemen, Their Destitute Widows And Dependents.